This is just a sample of some of the images from the decade of Broadside: A Feminist Review.  There are hundreds more within the issues themselves – have fun browsing.  Please feel free to contact us and send in additional images from that time with short, identifying captions.  We will be updating this page from time to time and adding  images which are especially memorable.

SGC at piano 
The multi-talented Susan G. Cole 
at the piano
remembrance dayv2  womens bookstore
Toronto Women's Bookstore, Harbord St.
Charlotte Bunch 400px 1000 lesbians RCC music
dog and store 
Women's Place, 31 Dupont St.
iwd poster 1980
Image by Susan Sturman
Pay Equity Broadside Scan 121280005 
 Morgentaler  Broadside poster 400 
tshirt women symbols grey tshirt tshirt sisters in crime
womans cultural bldg crop  FPC celebration banner(click here for details)
  BF legal papers part
Broadside Incorporation Papers (click here for details)
Jean Wilson and Susan Power
Jean Wilson and Susan Power