Collective 1984

Broadside Collective in 1982
(top, from left) Eve Zaremba, Judith Lawrence,
Philinda Masters, Jean Wilson, Catherine Maunsell;
(bottom, from left) Deena Rasky, Susan G. Cole,
Layne Mellanby, Jane Hastings, Beverley Allinson; 
(in front) Judy Stanleigh.

collective now2

The current Broadside Digital Project Collective
(back) Susan G. Cole, Eve Zaremba, Philinda Masters,
Amanda Hale (front) Lisa Freedman, Donna Gollan 
(inset and behind the camera)  Ottie Lockey


Overall there have been twenty five members of the Broadside Collective.

Broadside: A Feminist Review published from 1979 to 1989 inclusive, and it took a lot of women to keep it healthy and productive.  Meetings were twice weekly and collective members reached consensus, no matter how long it took. Those were interesting times. 

For a description of their years of membership and particular areas of interest for each of these women, as well as what they are up to now, please click on the names to the left.