C Maunsell
Catherine Maunsell  returned to Toronto In 1981 after six years in the Maritimes and two years in Europe, looking for work and the women's community.  She got a job as a social worker at Correctional Services and went to volunteer at Broadside. She began with the evening of sorting and bagging the papers for mailout, moved on to the joys of layout and eventually took over subscriptions and the calendar. For someone new to feminism, Broadside was the place to be - she learned so much from women who had been active in the community for years - every emerging women's issue got hashed out around the table at the twice weekly meetings!

C Maunsell2

Catherine retired from 36 years in corrections in 2011. For the last 15 years of her career she had worked with and for women in the criminal justice system.  For last 10 years she was Manager of the Female Offender Unit, working on all issues related to women in custody and on probation - a daily struggle bringing women's concerns to the forefront, but a dream job for a feminist!

She has given up sailing, but still loves sea kayaking, has taken up golf and continues her involvement with her lovely twin granddaughters, now 18, from her relationship with Martha Keaner.  Catherine will celebrate 15 years together with Helen McIlroy in October.