P Masters

Phil Masters
came to Broadside after several years of journalism, first at The Varsity, University of Toronto's student newspaper, as reporter and editor, then the Financial Post Magazine as editorial assistant.  In the early 70s she worked at The Women's Place as co-coordinator, helped found the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre (and did the first shift there) and the Toronto Women's Credit Union.  She was one of the founders of Broadside, attending the first meeting on February 22, 1978.

Since then, as editor of Broadside, she was involved in pretty well every aspect of the paper. After leaving Broadside she went to the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) where she was editor of Resources for Feminist Research, president of the union local representing researchers, and chair of the equity and diversity committee of OISE's faculty council.

She has since taken early retirement and is editing books and theses, sitting on the board of a small retirement home (Abbeyfield), and is again working for Broadside for the digital project (at even less pay!).