Deena Rasky was working in the printing business (typographical Union TTU), then the Toronto Star and having fun as an amateur violinist and doing yoga when she came to Broadside.  She was also involved with WAVAW and passionate about changing women's lives for the better, and fighting violence with mind and soul or with non-violence.  There was such an urgent need for women's voices, perspectives, our side of the story for a change. 

Deena was proud to be a founding mother!  She contributed photos, designed the original logo on the phototypositor, wrote articles, interviews, helped put the paper together and managed to go to meetings with reluctance, impatience but eventually with joy. And she loved going for Chinese food across the road after the paper was done.  

After Broadside, she discovered Bikram Yoga and became a certified teacher. In 2001 she opened up a yoga studio and is still at it over ten years later.  She hasn't lost her sense of fun and devotion to women's causes.  Seriously!

Deena Rasky was a collective member from May 1979 – Sept 1989.