Ingrid MacDonald

Ingrid MacDonald joined Broadside as an editorial assistant while studying at university, and was one of the younger women on the collective.  She worked at the more day-to-day business of the paper, and had the benefit of being mentored by Phil Masters in the ways and means of publishing. 

In those days layout was done by carefully cutting photographic paper with an x-acto knife and  pasting it on layout boards with hot wax from a roller. At Broadside, Ingrid learned to decode those greek symbols that we used to edit manuscripts, and from Phil learned about what made writing good -- which she hopes she took on her other adventures in writing. She met women at Broadside who she still cherishes as friends and took what she learned at Broadside onto other projects: OtherWise, a feminist newspaper at U of T, Rites Magazine for Gay and Lesbian Liberation, and NOW Magazine, where she worked after Broadside. Ingrid now works as an accountant at an architecture firm, and volunteers as a treasurer of St. Saviour's Church in Toronto's east end, where she lives with her spouse Rita Fridella.