Eve Zaremba



Eve Zaremba emigrated to Canada in 1952 from Poland after a stint in the UK. Active in the Women's Liberation Movement in the seventies and eighties, she was a founding member of The Women's Place, LOOT, WAVAW and Broadside.

Zaremba is the author of six mystery novels featuring a lesbian detective and of one early work of feminist non-fiction. She is a long-standing member of the Writers Union of Canada. Over the years Zaremba has made a living in advertising, marketing, real estate and publishing.

While writing two of her novels she ran a used bookstore in Toronto. Zaremba lives in Toronto with her spouse Ottie Lockey, who is a consultant to the performing arts. Now over 80 years of age Zaremba considers herself retired as an activist without ceasing to be a feminist.

She has a website, www.evezaremba.com.