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Lisa Freedman became involved with Broadside in 1982 while still a law student. She endeavoured to write articles that demystified the legal process whLisa new cropile accentuating the feminist analysis nascent in the law at that time.

In 1996, Lisa was one of four non-biological mothers who formed part of a landmark Ontario legal case that found that the Child and Family Services Act of Ontario infringed Section 15 of the Charter by not allowing same-sex couples to bring a joint application for adoption. As a result of this case Ontario became the first province to make it legal for same-sex couples to adopt. Lisa is the proud legal mom to twins Jordan and Jessica Freedman Pollock, now 18.

For the past 23 years Lisa has worked at the Ontario Legislature where she has spent her days demystifying parliament for politicians and the public alike.  She is now contemplating her retirement options.  

(Top picture is Susan G. Cole and Lisa Freedman)