susan cole earlySusan G. Cole is a writer, editor and broadcaster. She is the author of two books on pornography that built on ideas originally developed in Broadside: "Pornography and the Sex Crisis" and "Power Surge: Sex, Violence and Pornography," both published by Second Storey. 

Her play "A Fertile Imagination," produced by Nightwood Theatre in 1991, about a lesbian couple wanting a child, was mounted seven times across the country and is included in the anthology "Lesbian Plays: Coming of Age in Canada" (Playwrights Canada). She is also the editor of"Outspoken" (Playwrights Canada), an anthology of monologues and scenes from Canadian lesbian plays. susan cole recent

After Broadside ceased publishing, Susan began work full-time at NOW Magazine ( where she is now Senior Entertainment Editor, helms NOW's books section and frequently contributes to the news section. She is an in-demand on-stage interviewer, can be heard Thursday mornings at 9 am on Talk Radio 640's Media and the Message panel and can be read in Herizons Magazine, where she has a column, and every week in NOW. Susan lives with her partner Leslie Chudnovsky and daughter Molly in Toronto. 

Follow her on twitter @susangcole.